Selco – First in welding for a reason

The Selco company has always been in the first place in the offering of technologies and solutions for improvement of the welding process and the application of the new technologies. The quality in the sense of organization and products is foundation of the company policy.

The Selco series features over 100 models who covers all the main welding processes (MIG / MAG, TIG, MMA) and plasma cutting. The wide range of processes is supplemented by the systems of automatic and robotic application, but also with the innovative services and welding technologies.

Longstanding experience and tradition

The Selco company was founded in 1979, and 30 years later it is the main protagonist in the electric arc area. Trying to always perfect and expand its selection of products and services, Selco is one of the leading European suppliers of welding equipment. Selco’s original factory is located in Onari (Padova, Italy). The second factory was opened in Cittadell (Padova) for the supplementation of the first and the production of power sources and complete welding systems.

Customer service has also developed over the years, and the products of the Selco company is supported by very competent and a wide-reaching sales network, an effective international care of clients and excellent technical support.

Development based on clients demands

The Selco company produces high-quality, high-tech, professional welding systems for over 30 years. Selco’s success is based on a deep understanding of real client needs, and the ability to offer ideas and solutions that will suit them.

Our goal is to secure that our clients can work the best they can, giving them the best, the market has to offer regarding the technology, efficiency, performance and service.

Kožul d.o.o. is the general representative of the Selco brand for Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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