14 Sep

For more than thirty years the company Mellerud Chemie GMBH has successfully developed, produced and distributed special products for cleaning, care and protection of various surfaces. From now on, you can find their products in the Hobby center.

  • Mellerud Grease remover, Wax and dirt
  • Mellerud Active gel and mould remover
  • Mellerud Stone Impregnant
  • Mellerud Cleanser Fugue
  • Mellerud Bathroom and sanitary cleaner
  • Mellerud Remover of cement dirt
  • Mellerud Tile Cleanser
  • Mellerud means of impregnation of marble and natural stone
  • Mellerud Tartar and Urine remover
  • Mellerud Oil to maintain teak
  • Mellerud Remover of rust stains
  • Mellerud Cleanser Tombstones
  • Mellerud Remover of cement stains on marble
  • Mellerud for Stone surfaces
  • Mellerud Cleanser Shower Cabin
  • Mellerud Drain Cleaner