05 stu.

You can take that ‘higher’ literally, because the Highlandrun takes place on the hillside of the Rodeberg. This obstacle run is famous for the many altimeters that have to be conquered. A real challenge for every participant who dreams of being a true ‘REDHILL HERO’.

In the past three years, a number of top performances have been achieved. This did not go unnoticed! In 2018, DASSY professional workwear stepped up as main sponsor of the run and the Highlandrun was renamed the DASSY Highlandrun. “A logical collaboration,” states Stefan Van Ende, managing director of DASSY. “The Highlandrun is about 3 things: exceptional performances, extreme conditions and a lot of team spirit. This is very similar to the hard-working professionals wearing our workwear: they deliver top performances, together with their team, in all kinds of circumstances. And the right workwear helps them to get the most out of their job.”

For the crew of the DASSY Highlandrun, it is also very important to have sturdy workwear while building the course. As the new main sponsor, DASSY has selected a strong and durable outfit from its D-FX collection for the entire team. Extra advantage to this outfit? “Since everyone wears the same, personalised outfit, our organisation looks extra professional!”, explains the organisation.

The participants and spectators of the DASSY Highlandrun on Sunday 7 October 2018 will be able to spot ‘DASSY’ at various places along the course: the joint ‘DASSY Highlandrun’ logo is visible on the T-shirts, barrier tape, drink and food tokens, photo booth, …

Finally, there will also be a complete obstacle in DASSY look. “We are curious to see how many RED HILL HEROES will conquer our DASSY obstacle,” concludes Stefan Van Ende.

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