11 stu.
The D-FX winter workwear (such as the DASSY® Gravity softhell jacket, the DASSY® Pulse sweatshirt jacket, the long-sleeved T-shirt DASSY® Sonic, etc.) is now also in stock in the colour midnight blue. This means that the complete D-FX collection is available in the new colour!


1. Perfect for personalizing

Midnight blue is easy to combine with a variety of company colours and logos, which makes it the perfect colour for personalizing. That is an additional benefit for your company too, since your employees are your best ambassadors! They interact with your customers, work in the sight of passers-by,… Personalizing their clothing is the perfect way to stand out and maximise your corporate image advertising.

Discover more tips & tricks to get the most out of your company clothing: https://www.dassy.eu/en-gb/About_us/News/your-company-in-the-sportlight-2802/

2. A stylish alternative for black

A recent poll on our social media showed that many professionals prefer a dark outfit to a colourful one. And if you don’t want to wear black all the time, the new midnight blue is the perfect, stylish alternative. As Christian Dior stated : “Midnight blue is the only colour that can ever compete with black.”

3. A modern look

The innovative and dynamic design is one of the distinctive traits of the D-FX collection. And the new colour midnight blue fits perfectly into this collection. Moreover, in the two-tone workwear, the midnight blue ensures a perfect match with the colour anthracite grey. Result: A stylish, modern look!

Discover the entire D-FX collection here.

TIP : Use the colour filter on our website to easily identify all workwear in midnight blue!