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Your employees are the ambassadors of your company. They interact with your customers, work in the sight of passers-by,… Personalising their clothing is the perfect way to stand out and maximise your corporate image advertising. Below, you will find tips&tricks to get the most out of your company clothing. Need more advice? Visit your nearest DASSY dealer!


A uniform outfit does not only increase the visibility of your company, it also exudes professionalism. All DASSY collections are structured in such a way that you can quickly and easily find the right clothing combinations in line with your company colours.

> Use the colour filter on the DASSY website. This helps you to easily find top- and bottomwear that matches, so you can select a uniform outfit in no time: https://www.dassy.eu/en-gb/Workwear/view-all/


Highlight your company name or logo by having them embroidered or printed on your workwear. Achieve maximum results from your corporate image advertising by making sure your logo or name is clearly visible.
– Choose the back or the chest for the highest visibility on your sweatshirts and work jackets.
– In case of work trousers the back pocket or leg is very suitable for personalisation.


> Choose a garment that goes well with the look & feel of your company. Both in terms of design and colour. The brand new sweatshirt DASSY® Lionel is, thanks to its neutral design, ideal for personalisation with your company name and/or logo. And since it is available in no less than 5 different colours, you will definitely find the perfect match with your company colours!

> To neatly personalise jackets or body warmers, printer zippers are often used. This zipper is situated at the bottom & on the interior of the workwear. That way, only the outer fabric can be hung over a printing plate. Result: a nice & smooth printing.

You can easily recognise the items in the DASSY collections with a printer zipper. They have the following symbol: 

> For waterproof garments, embroidery is not advisable since water must not be given the opportunity to come through the embroidered fabric. In this case silk-screen or transfer printing are better options.

> The printing or embroidering of safety workwear is subject to restrictions as well. In case of high-visibility clothing for example, it reduces the reflective surface area. This process may jeopardise the certification of the garment. Personalisation is therefore not allowed without prior permission of a notified body. It is best to always check first with your safety advisor.