30 kol.
Did you know that … all DASSY workwear is tested and approved by professionals? Before the DASSY collections arrive in the store, professionals use the workwear on the job.Their feedback is used to adjust the design so that the end product fully meets the needs of the end-user. Result: high-performance workwear tested by a pro.


“The DASSY test team is a group of independent professionals from diverse occupations and industries. They test each model from the DASSY range in great depth”, explains DASSY product manager Elyn Vanneste. The testers assess the workwear based on its performances on the job, exactly where it matters most.

“Because the members of the test team wear the test pieces day in, day out in actual work situations, they are extremely well-positioned to judge the durability, practicality, comfort,… of the DASSY workwear and safety shoes”, continues Elyn Vanneste. “Their feedback is therefore very valuable to us”.


Once the test team has given their feedback, the DASSY designers get back to work: The recommendations are studied in depth and taken into account in the design. Next, the adjusted product is tested again by the test team. And if necessary, adjusted again.

“I can assure you: the entire process sometimes takes a while, but it’s more than worth the effort. Thanks to the close cooperation with our test team, we can guarantee that the DASSY® workwear and safety shoes meet the needs of the modern professional.

Result: professional workwear tested and approved by professionals. “And say for yourself, who can judge our DASSY workwear better than professionals like yourself?” concludes Elyn Vanneste.