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Why energy saving bulbs

Tips : Why energy saving bulbs
Energy saving light bulbs comes in a three color temperature of light (2700K = Warham white (warm white), 4200K = Day light (daylight) and 6400K = Cool white (cool white)). The most common bulbs with screw connection, such as throat E27 and E14. Compared to standard incandescent bulbs, energy saving lamps consume roughly five times less electrical power, such power 15W energy saving bulb gives light as a conventional bulb power 75W (20W = 100W) and last about eight times longer. Energy saving light bulbs are far less heat than conventional bulbs, which is essential for closed fixtures, such as ceiling lights, various outdoor lamps, etc., where the recommended power lamp 60 or 100W. Recommended power refers to the power of regular bulbs, so in exchange mozen put energy saving bulb that gives more light. : Circuit breakers

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