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Painting the old door

Tips : Painting the old door

Surfaces old door is not more tidy. Layers of varnish are applied repeatedly been cracked and broken up. Here it helps only one thing: we have to remove the old paint and re- paint the door . Here are some tips .


There are two options to remove old layers of paint : burn or melt . When burning is needed el . paint remover , because it heats the nail and remove with a spatula . To download recommended solubilizing agents ( liquids that are applied brush . Observe the instructions for use . According layer thickness dissolves varnish layer but after one minute , or until after five minutes ) .

Repair of damaged

After removing the color plate `t abrade rough sandpaper or vibrating sander in the direction of the wood grain . Then should rebuild or repair the damaged areas in the wood . Deep cracks fulfill wooden wedge or gita . This previously treated sites several times will smooth out with a spatula .


After a rough preliminary work we have carefully sanded boards , first coarse and then fine sandpaper , but only in the direction of the wood grain . It would be very good to take off the door and laid horizontally . Paint should always start from the thin film and move on thick : base coat is thin , the other painting a little thicker coating , and at the end are covered with thick layer of paint .


The plates will be ironed multiple thin coating of a whale . It is parallel to the texture of wood , and serve as a tool blades of different widths . Grinding can be dry or wet . Wet grinding has the advantage that it is free of dust at work , and only the finer grinding . For this there are special sandpaper.


Treated plates Both intermediate ( filler ) . To better cover the varnish sealer is already a nuanced in tone color topcoat . Here we can use the colors of shading . : Circuit breakers

Circuit breakers

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