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Painting interior walls

Tips : Painting interior walls

How to choose the right color ?
Painting interior walls is definitely the most economical way to significantly transform the space in which we live and the way you make changes and refresh in our everyday lives . The following tips should be more help in choosing the right shade for your space .

Take into consideration the size of the room
A small room will look even less if Olic in dark tone. So , for a small room , select lighter tones and will create the illusion of more space. Furthermore , the color of ceilings is also important . By choosing white will create the illusion of height and painting ceilings in the same bright hues of the walls or a shade lighter , we will extend the space . Color has the power to completely transform the space . So , if this is not a large room , choose a clean, bright tones that will create a feeling of openness and airiness .

Purpose of the room and the atmosphere that we want to achieve
In the bedrooms is desirable to choose a color that will create a calming atmosphere . They are mainly green , blue , purple and neutral " cream " tones , but the options are almost limitless. A similar principle applies to other rooms . Of course , an important role is played by individual preferences , or associations to cause us some shade . Colors are often divided into hot and cold . Red, yellow and orange are considered warm colors , while blue, green and violet are considered cool colors . Often it is this division helps to choose the right tone for the mood you want to achieve .

" Relive " space detail in intense colors
Dark and lives tones can be used in smaller rooms , but not on the walls . Choose darker colors for the floor and the details of the stronger colors , such as pillows , curtains and decorative items . In this way you will add more color , without being visually not " close " the space .

First aid in the walls too dark
You made a mistake and been painted room in the shade on a larger surface looks dark or darker than you imagined . You do not have to completely mimic the wall again . The technique of painting with a sponge or cloth , where over unwanted dark colors applied with bright prints in the same tone will create interesting effects and mitigate the severity of a dark background . It is also helpful to have a white color on hand . Just make sure it is the same quality paint . The shade that is too dark can lighten the addition of white paint and apply the second coat over a darker background .

Allow paint to dry
Wet coat of paint usually looks different - usually darker than dry . Do not panic ! Allow the paint to dry and then bring the final judgment .

Be patient
Do not opt ​​for the color of the walls before you have a complete vision of interior design . The choice of shades of colors for the walls is much higher than is the case with other materials . Therefore , the easier it is to adjust the overall scheme .
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