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How to save water

Tips : How to save water

Incorporating Neoperl perlafora the existing tap or faucet installation Nord and Schmidler that are produced in Croatia with the original perlaforima that mixing the water with air achieve a satisfactory strength of the jet at the exit tap with 1/3 less water flow .
taps Schmidler
are intended to top cherish beauty and adventurers , classics and all that in the first place do not want to put just one tap function , people who do not want to compromise , but in the first place and put quality and style and reliability and functionality .
Taps and accessories Schmidler prized because of their innovative design and first-class quality and are the result of a careful selection between different styles and directions .
Manufactured using only the finest materials and manufacturing methods , the products will last for years and will certainly keep their quality and attractiveness .
With high quality components ; mounts Hydroplast ( Italy ) ceramic tile ( cartridge ) and Neoperl ? ( Switzerland ) limiter , which ensures superior durability and endurance , taps were further tested and can withstand a minimum of 100 for opening and closing every day , five years without stopping .
This amounts to 180,000 times !
Test the noise was found that ? Create ? noise less than 18 dB, and thus belong to the first class on quality mechanism .
taps Nord : Circuit breakers

Circuit breakers

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