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Circuit breakers

Tips : Circuit breakers

Fuses B features are used in a residential installation . Excluded circuit in the event of a short circuit or in the case of exceeding the rated current of the fuse . They are placed in a closet fuse the C-pillar .

Fuses C characteristics are used mainly for the protection of electric motors, because they have a slower reaction than fuse B characteristics . Allow the current short-term exceeds its rated current ( eg during start-up of electric motors ) , but will turn off the circuit if the load continues . It also excludes the case of a short circuit.

FID - switches are protective devices to protect electrical installations in the event of a short circuit or other malfunction installations and appliances ( heaters boiler breakdown , preilice etc. ) . For home installations are commonly used 25 and 40 -amp breakers with current reactions 0.5 A or 0.03 A , which can be two -pole ( single phase ) or 4-pole ( three-phase ) . For bathroom seuglavnom use switches with current 0.03 A , while for a complete home installation using switches 0,5 A. For proper operation of the switch is essential guides to zero and EARTH are not short-circuited anywhere in the system . : How to use rawl

How to use rawl

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