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Tips : Cables

PGP (YM-J) Cables for concealed installation . Common name PGP (plastic-rubber-plastics) refers to a type of insulation, and the outer layer of insulation is mostly gray. The cable is round in shape with a solid cross-section conductors (usually 1.5 mm2 and 2.5 mm2) Insulation color yellow-green = earth, blue = zero, black or brown = phase.

PP / L (HO5VV-F) Cables for connecting appliances to the wall outlet or extension cords in the household. External insulation is usually bijeleboje with (using a stranded) conductors. Colours are as a guide and with PGP cables. Name of PP / l (plastic-plastic-stranded or light duty) means that the cable is insulated with two layers of insulation.

GG / L (HO7VV-F)  cable with two layers of rubber insulation (GG / L = rubber-tire-stranded) extension cords intended for outdoor use. Colours as a guide to PGP and PP / L cables. : Circuit breakers

Circuit breakers

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