It all started with a needle

WITTE had already started the production of needles for the textile industry in 1785. In the beginning of the 19th century WITTE was producing 10 million needles annually.

The high art of screwdrivers

When the machine and automatization era started WITTE had already made a name for itself as a tool for the manufactures in the automotive industry. During that time the company had developed the product that till this day is the backbone of the brand: the screwdriver.

WITTE had like no one else at that time – with the help of continuous innovation, achieved the highest standards of ergonomics and materials and of course the highest “made in Germany” quality.

German quality

The German engineering and the production have always had a great reputation in the world. Long before the “made in Germany” slogan made its way around the world, WITTE had already worked on the values such as innovation, precision and reliability.

Kožul d.o.o. is the general representative of the WITTE brand for Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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