Picard – the ideal partner in the selection of quality hammers

Picard GmbH represents the ideal program of shipment to all work environments where hammers always were an important tool. The various areas where hammers are used require special design, as well as a suitable and varying classes of weight.

Furthermore, the hammers must guarantee a safe and physically tolerable work experience. We believe that offering the optimal balance in this domain is the most important task.

Longstanding tradition

Picard’s tools exist since 1857. Many things changed over the coming decades. The technological progress has brought one of the best kinds of hammers, more effective possibilities of production, more precise processes of tracking and at last more demanding abilities of hand tools.

The quality of service

The goal of Picard’s tools is to fulfil all the customers’ demands. That goal is achieved by every employee and it represents the company’s wish – in other words what Picard wants is to please the users of Picard’s tools with the aim to make them a long-term partner.

Kožul d.o.o. is the general representative of the Picard brand for Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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