Perfectly adapted to the market

There are many good tools available; NWS represents the difference among them. For four decades NWS is present in the electrical, sanitary and automotive industry. NWS throughout its tradition listens for the needs of the distributers, qualified workers and companies. This gives them the ability to recognize the new demands in different stores and to predict and solve the problems of the users.

From good partnerships to excellent products

The daily communication with the customers and partners about their needs enables the innovation which suits the customer in his everyday work environment, combining functionality, quality and design.

Softkomp 3K multicomponent handle which allow you to work without struggle or the SystemClip for securing your tools while working on great heights are examples of the great communication which resulted in the products that the market needed.

Quality management

Quality, security and environment protection set new standards. These demands are the focus of NWS for the new millennium.

The quality of products and services has established the reputation and the competence of NWS on the tool market. The company wants to keep this reputation and to further develop the production process, including the high-quality standards – for the benefit of the customer.

Kožul d.o.o. is the general representative of the NWS brand Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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