The history of MAX tools

MAX – tools that suit you, have their roots in 1994, but for the first time they were presented in 2002 and since then they have found their place in the European market, becoming a symbol for high-quality tools at accessible prices.

Since 2003 the MAX logo is registered in the State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia.

In the mid-2009 the MAX Blue Line comes out, which with its quality and innovative solutions represents the absolute peak in the precision and production of hand tools. Inside of the MAX brand we have a small sector of Handy tools that are known for their accessible prices and satisfactory quality for the users that call themselves hobbyists.

Recognized brand on the tool market

The primary feature of MAX tools, which are produced in 62 factories all over the world under a strict quality supervision, is the incredible quality/price ratio which is the reason they can be found in any better equipped hand tools store.

The daily control of quality and the improvement of designer and functional characteristics of every tool rank the MAX tools in the upper class of hand tools and accessories.

Because of its quality MAX tools are recognized by big sale centers and construction workers. They are used in demanding work in industry facilities, but also by amateurs and hobbyists at home because of their accessible prices.

Beside from their quality, MAX tools are distinguished by their package design which is adapted for retail centers – the package has the barcode, multilingual name and the article code.

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The strength of the MAX brand

The Kožul company started the distribution of hand tools in 1994, and in 2002 it presents its own brand – MAX. From the overall income the company makes in wholesale, MAX tools make up 70%.

MAX tools have earned the success on the market thanks to the incredible quality/price ratio. All the articles are conceived and designed in the Kožul headquarters in Slavonski Brod, while the production takes place in over 60 factories under strict supervision.

The distribution of MAX tools

MAX tools are displayed on shelves that the Kožul company and their distributers on the foreign market offer to their customers. In some places there are over 20m of space where the MAX brand articles are exhibited.

During the first positioning of the Max tools at the ponit of sale, every customer is approached individually according to the needs and adjusted according to the customer´s profile on particular point of sale.

After the tools are displayed, all the supplementation and possible change of the selection is still in the hands of the commercial network of the Kožul company.

The field representatives take care of the layout of the shelves, supplementation, possible changes and procedures linked to customer orders.

Kožul d.o.o. is the owner of the MAX brand.

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