Cox manual and pneumatic guns for silicone and sealants

Combining the innovative design, superior standards in combination with great team of people who know the market very well, and who are familiar with sealants and glues that are available on the market, PC Cox has developed a wide range of manual and pneumatic guns for silicone and sealants which satisfy all the demands of the industry, but also the demands of the specialized stores.

Continuous research and product development

Cox’s success is based on the continuous research and product development, the constant improvement of existing products so that the demands of the market are fulfilled. Testing and the research of new materials and techniques of production, designing new products so that they satisfy the needs of the customers all over the world.

Characteristics of Cox

  • Innovative design
  • Satisfies ISO 9001 standards
  • Versatile application
  • Top service and reliability
  • Good investment/return ratio
  • Truly great product, unlike the bad copies

Kožul d.o.o. is the distributer of the Cox brand for Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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