Collomix – professional manufacturer of mixing technology

For mixing all sorts of materials choose Collomix, because we have a solution for you. Over 30 years of experience as a professional manufacturer of mixing technology. Our products are distinguished because of their reputation as long-lasting tools and they satisfy the highest professional demands.

Considering the variety of materials and the wide usage of mixers, certain combinations of tools are needed for mixing so that the maximal effect is achieved with every mixing.

For better mixing results

  • The tool selection for mixing varies depending on the characteristics of the materials that are mixed and the result we ultimately want to achieve.
  • The size of the mixing rod depends on the quantity of the material that is mixed.
  • The work unit (hand-stirrer, drill) depends on the volume and the viscosity of the material.
  • The container that is used for mixing must always be the same and 2/3 of its volume full.
  • The wide selection of Collomix products for mixing offers many options of suitable solutions which will satisfy your needs for mixing various materials.

Powerful mixing technology

The powerful mixing technology which is characterized by the CX-devices is highly valued by all professionals. Sustainable technology, powerful work unit and reliability – all of which you can count on while using these products on every construction site.

The design of the device offers maximum functionality and an attractive look.

Kožul d.o.o. is the general representative of the Collomix brand for Croatia.

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