14 Sep

Soon we will come from production specially designed shelves for the Nivelir system from the MAX range.

The shelf is practical because it can fit up to 3x more products than the previous shelf, and the design itself will certainly contribute to the appearance of each retail space.

The reason for designing the new policy came from the needs of our customers, i.e. retail sales from Croatia and Slovenia, which happened to keep the shelf empty during one day and it was necessary to constantly replenishment.

The NIVELIR system consists of a base, Kyle and pliers. Since September 2017. When we started distributing these products so far, they quickly became the most frequent items in the Max assortment.

The advantage of our nivelir system in relation to similar products on the market is excellently affected by the quality and elasticity of plastic that submits great loads and is suitable both for tiles and stone dimensions of 1m and more.

In September 2018. When the new policy arrives from production, all current buyers will be offered to replace the existing shelves with new ones. All new buyers who are uliing our nivelir system, the new POILCA will also be available.