The KOŽUL Group is one of the leading distributes of hand tools and accessories in the region, and it directs its business activity to Southeastern Europe where it has numerous partners and customers.

An accurate corporate strategy, which secures profitability and development of the company in an economically responsible way, enables a continuous introduction of innovative products through wholesale, retail and self – production of hand tools and accessories.



With its business activity since 1994 , the Slavonski Brod based company, has with continuous growth and properly set strategy of segmentation grown from a local business to a symbol for a company which offers high-quality products.

The company continuously expands its business activity, and it has been awarded the Employer of the Year prize several times. The award established the company’s business status, on the Croatian and regional market, as one that sees its employees as the foundation for effective economic and market growth.

The Kožul Group, apart from wholesale and retail, also has its own brand of hand tools MAX®. Furthermore, the company has expanded its activity to finishing works in construction.


Over the last 25 years we have grown from a family business based primarily on wholesale into a group with more than 120 employees allocated in the following companies:

  • Kožul d.o.o. – wholesale and retail in Croatia
  • Cromax d.o.o. – finishing works in construction
  • Kožul BH d.o.o. – wholesale in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The company activity over the last two decades were focused on a dynamic development and investments in new technologies, and apart from the above-mentioned activities in Slavonski Brod, the company Kožul had built a retail center (Hobi Centar) in Slavonski Brod with more than 1200 m2 of sale space.

Along with the retail center in Slavonski Brod, two warehouses with more than 1600 pallet spaces were also built. We have also expanded our business activity to Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

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In the development and business advancement over the years the main goal remained unaffected – focus on the quality of the products and services.

Despite the rapid development and changes on the market, Kožul has remained faithful to its strategy: offer professional solutions to everyone who uses hand and electrical tools in their work and lives.

With a wide range of professional tools and equipment, machine tools, garden tools, agriculture tools, painting tools, and safety equipment, the company is recognized as prominent supplier of tools for both self-taught and professional craftsmen.


While importing and selling foreign tools and products the company decided to establish, build and invest in its own brand and concept of tools. With that in mind in 2003 the MAX® brand, which currently has over 1500 articles, was registered.


Mission – develop and offer a wide range of professional solutions to users who use the products and services at competitive price, with high-quality products for the satisfaction of the eventual user.

Goal – become the desired partner and supplier of the buyers and the favorite brand on the hand and electric tool market in Croatia and Southeastern Europe.


The Kožul Group has a professional logistics network, including a modern logistics and distribution center, which enables effective storage and delivery of goods to buyers across Southeastern Europe.

From wholesale storage the products is shipped within 24 hours of the order and the service is modified to the special needs and demands of the client.


We have started our own production of knee pads which are produced in two series: STANDARD and PROFY.

We added a collection of kneelers for tile layers and welders to our PU foam products.

It is important to mention that all our products are PAH FREE and concord with EU norms.

We also started a production of wooden handles for our garden program from our MAX tools line.


Along with the development of the MAX® brand, and due to developed logistics and a network of field salesmen, Kožul has become a distributer of world famous brands.