Project Name:
Improvement of business processes of company Kožul Ltd. through the integration of mobile technology and electronic business activity.

Short description of the project:
The project concerned directly contributes to the optimisation of business processes and the increase of efficiency in daily work. The target group of the project are the existing and prospective employees of the company, who will be enabled contemporary working conditions through the implementation of this investment, which will affect their efficiency and satisfaction when doing the job. Moreover, the project will indirectly contribute to the end-users of the project – clients who will do business with the company more easily, suppliers of ICT solutions, the local community that will benefit from employment and increase of revenues, as well as the economy of the Republic of Croatia because of the increase of competitiveness between small and medium-sized enterprises in areas with developmental specificities.

General Objective:
Contribute to increasing the development capabilities of Croatian small and medium-sized enterprises in areas with developmental specificities.


  1. Acquired and functional ICT solutions
  2. Educated staff
  3. Accelerated process of making orders
  4. Decreased risk of human error
  5. Increase of employee efficiency
  6. Speeding up business processes
  7. Reduced maintenance and administration costs

Total value of the project: 591,014.70 kn
Non-refundable funds:472,811.76, 00 kn
Project implementation: 16. January 2017. to 16. July 2017
Contact: Snježana Prebeg