Cromax d.o.o.

The Cromax d.o.o. company was founded in 1993 as a wholesale and retail store, import and export, and business services with its headquarters in Slavonski Brod. The company has 25 employees.

Since 2008 the company is part of the Kožul Group and deals exclusively with construction work.

The main activity of the company is construction, plaster work, house-painting work, ceramic work, glass cutting work, floor laying work, facade work, PVC and wood joinery installation, electrical work, plumbing, machine installations (ventilation, air condition and heating), masonry work, ferroconcrete work etc.

We work throughout Croatia, some examples of our work includes:

  1. The interior renovation of the sale space (21 260m2) of the existing Lesnina XXXl building in Zagreb,

  2. Multi-year contract with the Danish company Jysk d.o.o. for which we have built shops around Croatia,

  3. Contract with the Austrian company Hervis, sport i moda d.o.o. for shops in Osijek, Slavonski Brod, Zagreb, Split and Rijeka,

  4. Agreement with the affiration of Marsonia Ltd. (SUPERNOVA) for Kik local in Slavonski Brod,

  5. Contract with Stambena izgradnja d.o.o. for the Kempinski Hotel Adriatic and the apartment village in Savudrija,

  6. Contract with the Ugo Group for the maintenance of the Solaris Šibenik Hotel,

  7. Contract with the Croatian center for agriculture, food and rural affairs.

Contact Details:

Dr. Mile Budaka 1,
35 000 Slavonski Brod, Croatia
Tel.: +385 35 272 801