Celebration of the 25th anniversary of Kožul

On Friday, 24th of May 2019, company Kožul d.o.o. celebrated 25 years of successful business together with more than 1,500 business partners. Pročitaj više “Celebration of the 25th anniversary of Kožul”

Prezentacija čekića PICARD

Tvrtka Picard je prisutna na tržištu od 1857.godine. Picard tradicija proizvodnje čekića stara je više od stoljeća te je plasirala na tržište alate vrhunske kvalitete. Pročitaj više “Prezentacija čekića PICARD”

New Premium quality Leather gloves presented!
We can say that we have established not only business but also friendly relationship with one of the highest quality leather glove manufacturers from Pakistan. Pročitaj više “New Premium quality Leather gloves presented!”

Premium Brands! – Professional solutions in all segments of the manual tool

In the last few years, Kožul has become a supplier to large industrial plants and construction companies, and consequently the need to expand the range with professional tools. Pročitaj više “Premium Brands! – Professional solutions in all segments of the manual tool”

Brushes – MAX Expert – New sales concept!

We all happened to come in front of the brush rack after we bought the paint, and we don’t know which brushes to choose. Pročitaj više “Brushes – MAX Expert – New sales concept!”

Pliers for pop Nitne professional quality!

There is a wide selection of pop Nitne pliers on the market, but most of these tools are expended very quickly and create problems for users when using them. Pročitaj više “Pliers for pop Nitne professional quality!”

Product assortment of protective equipment

In addition to the already known brand of PPE equipment Dassy and MAX work we have decided to supplement Pročitaj više “Product assortment of protective equipment”

Nivelir system from the MAX range

Soon we will come from production specially designed shelves for the Nivelir system from the MAX range. Pročitaj više “Nivelir system from the MAX range”