14 Sep

We all happened to come in front of the brush rack after we bought the paint, and we don’t know which brushes to choose.

Often the cheapest version of the brush is not the best solution, and for the SET brush option we are not sure if this is exactly what we need for the color we have chosen and the material we will paint.

The MAX expert brushes just offer the perfect solution for all the dilemmas that brush choose. The sales concept consists of 5 types of brushes that are exposed to a parasite shelf that is placed on an already existing shelf.

Above each brush is picturesque and with Piktagrams explained for which the purpose of the brush is made. So the water-based paintbrush is made of mixture hair with a larger proportion of artificial hair, hollow structures that absorb color more, while the metal surface and oil paint brush is made of mixture hair of a rigid structure that enables better paint.

ECO Brush is the most favorable version of the brush that will satisfy the needs of hobbyists, while the wood brush will serve perfectly for the application of Lazura and paint for wood because of its mixture hair that has just been made for this application.