Kronenflex® EDGE Premium Multi-Metall rezna ploča tvrtke Klingspor

Maksimalne performanse. Optimalna zaštita. Jednostavno rukovanje.
Pločom Kronenflex® EDGE Klingspor je uspio objediniti desetljeća iskustva s povratnim informacijama kupaca. Rezultat je najbolja rezna ploča koja je ikada bila dio Klingsporovog Premium segmenta proizvoda. Pročitaj više “Kronenflex® EDGE Premium Multi-Metall rezna ploča tvrtke Klingspor”

Seminar i prezentacija Klingspor proizvoda “ROAD SHOW – KLINGSPOR GmbH”

Dana 12.03.2020 u vremenu od 10.00 – 12.00 sati u prostoru Hobi centra Kožul održat će se seminar i prezentacija Klingspor proizvoda “ROAD SHOW – KLINGSPOR GmbH” . Pročitaj više “Seminar i prezentacija Klingspor proizvoda “ROAD SHOW – KLINGSPOR GmbH””

European manufacturer of premium diamond cutting blades

Klingspor, the German manufacturer of coated and bonded abrasives, is entering the diamond cutting blade market by investing in a state of the art production facility for its Ukrainian factory. With plenty of scope for expansion having future planned global growth in mind.
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Easy on the battery, but not on the workpiece

New range of abrasive products designed specifically for battery-powered angle grinders
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Old address. New design. More content.

Klingspor relaunches their corporate website and introduces a host of new features
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From dealer to manufacturer

Klingspor launches line of in-house diamond products
Haiger, 2nd of May 2015 — Apart from bonded and coated abrasives, users can now opt for premium-grade diamond tools, which are made in house at Klingspor and have now been adopted into the product portfolio.
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More than 400 participants per year

The KLINGSPOR currently encompasses over 50,000 different grinding tools including the corresponding accessories. This is a boon for professionals who do grinding work, and for less experienced users sometimes a curse: Which type of grain is suitable for which material? What has to be borne in mind for the bond? Which backing do I require for my specific application?
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Everything from one source

KLINGSPOR is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of high-quality coated abrasives, cutting-off wheels and grinding discs.

More than 50.000 articles are available to our customers in order to choose the suitable product for each application.

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KLINGSPOR abrasive paper belt PS 28 F

With its new product, PS 28 F, the German abrasives manufacturer, KLINGSPOR, has extended its product range by a new multipurpose abrasive belt for woodworking in grit sizes ranging from P 40 to P 220.

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