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Innovations in the world of mixing

For mixing all kinds of materials , select a blade- because we have the solution for you . Over 30 years of experience as a professional manufacturer of technology for mixing . Our products stand out reputation for long-lasting tools and meet the highest professional needs .

Given the diversity of the materials and the breadth of use of the mixer , the proper combination of the necessary tools for blending to achieve the maximum effect in any mixing .

For better results mixing !

    Selection of the mixing tool depends on the properties of the starting material and that we want to be at the end of the process
    Stir bar size depends on the amount of material that is mixed
    The drive unit (hand mixer , drill ) depends on the volume and viscosity of the material
    The vessel used for the blending should always be the same and full to 2/3 of its volume .

Wide range of products for a blade- mixing offers a large selection of appropriate solutions that satisfy your need for mixing different materials .

Powerful technology interference

Mixing powerful technology that characterizes the CX - devices is highly appreciated by all professionals . Durable technology powerful drive unit and reliability - all the things you can count on when you use these machines at each site . The design of the device itself offers maximum functionality and attractive appearance .


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